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Transforming Libraries. Everyday.

Transform and Deliver – Strategic and Action Planning
In a rapidly changing environment libraries need to think strategically about where their organization fits. What services do your customers want and expect from you? How do you stay ahead of the latest technological developments? How can you make the best case for local support? We will help you develop a strategic plan that identifies your library’s overall goals and priorities and provide you with strategies to implement your ideas. Working with you and your planning team we will assess your current operating environment, review demographic and other trends that affect the delivery of library service, talk to your customers to learn more about what they want, and help you identify clear goals and objectives that will help transform your library and staff. We’ll also help you develop an email database, e-newsletter and engage in social media to spread the word about the project and the library, if needed.


The Right Leader at the Right Time – Director Recruitment
It’s true. It is all about leadership. Is the current Director retiring or moving? Is the Board of Trustees looking for a high energy Director who can create a compelling vision for the future of the library and can then lead the Board and community to achieve that vision? We understand leadership and how to transform libraries. We will assist you in creating the right leadership profile for your Director and then help you identify, interview and hire the right candidate.


Listen and Respond – Community Needs Assessments

Who are your customers? If you want to know more about your customers’ perceptions and thoughts about the library we can help you with a community wide needs assessment. Using a combination of focus groups, town meetings, Community Conversations, online and print surveys, and interviews we can provide you with feedback of what people in your community think about the library as well as recommendations for action you can take to address the gaps. We are experienced and succesful in generating high survey responses.


Reimagine, Repurpose and Renew – Space Assessments and Building Programs

Providing 21st century library service in a 19th or 20th century building (or in a 10 year old building) is a daily challenge. We can help you develop the case for reimagined, renewed or new space that supports the way people use libraries today. We will assess your current space, provide you with feedback about needed improvements, and offer recommendations about short and long term solutions that will help you reimagine your facilities and user’s experience by understanding how your library is and can be used. We will suggest “low cost/high impact” solutions and when you are ready to work with an architect on building design we can help you create a building program to detail the kind of space you need.


Growing the Library Every Day – Fundraising, Capital Campaigns and Foundations

Today librarians are receiving increased pressure to obtain “private” support for library services. Not sure about where to start to obtain outside support? Need some advice about how best to mount a successful fundraising effort. We can help you identify your message and create a compelling case for your fundraising effort. We will provide assistance on identifying prospects, building a successful campaign committee, planning campaign events, writing successful case statements, conducting a capital feasibility study and establishing a 501(c)3 library foundation.


Get Out The Vote – Advocacy 
Your Friends and Trustees are your best advocates but they may not always feel comfortable with this task. We will assist you in building a group of community advocates to advance the library’s message, speak out effectively before community groups and funders and assist you in obtaining more support for the library. This is critical for winning building referendums and budget votes. We have a 100% success record with library referendums.


Hey Coach!
Everyone occasionally gets stuck on how to handle a difficult problem or interaction. We provide coaching and mentoring assistance to get a new or veteran director or board through these moments. How to solve a problem, improve communication, craft a message or interact with others. We are here for you.


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